Me && James yess totally!


My love for cameras! !
Six Months

Today me and James celebrated our six months & our first Valentine’s together, he was out of town for the actually anniversary & ill be working all day Valentine’s Day…So we made it happen today and it actually was perfect!! I for once made him breakfast this morning, and for most of the day we just stayed I bed being lazy, then we exchanged gifts I got him this really cute bear that said “your kisses tickle!” Since James is still trying to rock the No shave November beard; 3 long annoying months >..

True that!!

When is saying “I love you,” too soon?!?

Cheers to the weekend, sucks its over :/

It Only Gets Better..!

This is exactly how I feel!! #tru
#intense #sexx #love
#Amen #truu
#cute #want
#OneStepAtATime #closer #DaybyDay #yesturday
:) #happy #want #have

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